Nov 28, 2006

happy thanksgiving, back

Cole's first thanksgiving was a great one. We truly have so many things to be thankful for. The Lord is always good, but we have seen His grace abound more and more toward us this year.
Even though we could not go home for this holiday, we were still able to have a great celebration of God's grace with Stephen, Sarah and Nathan Branine. Stephen made the turkey, Sarah made most everything else, Caleb and I made the pies and Nathan brought the entertainment. We of course watched the Lions game, which is just part of Thanksgiving. Then we had the pleasure of watching Nacho Liebre. If you haven't seen it yet,"You crasy!", come with a Napoleon Dynamite mentality and you will love it.
Branine's dog Calistoga was the entertainment for Cole. He laughed at her for about ten minutes. Apparently our dog Mo just isn't as cool as Cali. Sorry, Mo, Cole might not think you are the coolest, I still think you're the best. We got it all on video, but I don't know how or if we could get it on here. If anyone knows how or if- let me know.

And of course Friday was shopping day. Although somewhat depressing because we can't afford what we would like to buy for our families (but then again, who can?), the day turned out to be very successful. I want to say we got up bright and early, but it definitely wasn't bright here at 4am! We got to Kohls around 4:45 and we were out by 5:45 with most of our gifts. Not too shabby! Family- if you are reading- I think you will like what we got for you! Especially you Eric- yours is by far the best.

So- all in all- a great holiday weekend. Looking forward to the next one!

Nov 18, 2006

can a truck make you prejudice? caleb's post

I sneaked on the blog to put a picture of my new work truck. The only problem with this truck is that I am immediately judged. All the rednecks think that I love the south- which I don't love, and that I don't like african americans, which I do like. The other day a gritty white construction worker saluted me like I was general lee in the flesh. I was coming home through the neighborhood and some guy said, "hey, brother," as if I was on his team now. To top it all off, I was driving to work and I saw this little 'want to be' truck with around a hundred confederate bumber stickers on it. I knew that I was going to get some sort of rebel accolade by this piece of work. Sure enough, he proudly rolled down his window just to show me the peace sign as I drove on by. I am thinking of painting "big yank" on the back. maybe loosing the cammo would be the first thing necessary to stop this chicanery.

Nov 16, 2006

Locks of Love

After seeing how long my hair could get while I was pregnant, I decided to get it hacked off today. I had a good ten to eleven inches I was going to get cut off, so I decided to donate it to locks of love. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process, they put your hair in a pony tail and cut it off in one big snip. This left me with a very large chunk of hair that has to be mailed. We got it home and we couldn't resist. Here is a little forshadowing of what Cole might have to look forward to and maybe what our future daughter might look like.

Nov 13, 2006

so, you'll never have a blog, hugh?

I have learned the last few years not to make "I will never..." statements. It seems that all the "I will never" are the ones that always actually do happen. For instance, I said in high school "I will never be a pastor's wife!" and where do I find myself, but in lovely Virginia Beach with my husband Caleb who is in seminary. Another one is "I will never wear pink!" I now own and wear a very pink shirt. BUT I would like to add that I did not buy it. And that brings us to the "never"statement that we find coming true today- "I will never have a blog!"

So what has made this a reality? Why blog? Some blog for therapy, some just for fun, others to stay in touch but my answer is simple. I became a mother to Cole Michael Coston, the most adorable baby boy on the planet. With family and friends far away, this seemed to be the best option to keep them up to date on how our little Cole is doing.

Here's this weeks update: Now 3 1/2 months old, Cole is doing great. He finally met Uncle Eric and Aunt Katy at their wedding the first weekend in November. It was nice for everyone. Maybe a little weird for the bride and groom because they didn't even see me really pregnant. They saw us last Christmas, when I was looking pretty much normal, and the next time they saw us, we had a three month old. Hopefully, we will get to see them more often this coming year.

Cole's milestone this week is that he let out a big old belly laugh. I thought I was going to cry. Okay, not really, but it was one of the cutest things I have ever heard. Uncle Danny and Aunt Becky Adams got to hear it too. I cant seem to get him to do it again, but that has not stopped me from trying and probably looking like a total idiot. You who have had kids understand, I'm sure.

Closing with some great shots of our little man.

Normally, Caleb doesn't like Cole to wear anything with ears,

but he makes an exception for the robe.