Nov 5, 2007

no trick and no treat

I am always love when we get the opportunity to spend the day together as a family. It just so happened that day was Halloween! Caleb didn't have to work so we decided to take advantage of it. We slept in a little bit, had a lazy morning while Cole was playing, and decided to go get a pumpkin to carve before Cole's nap and my practice. We took Mo set out on our journey. We had a great time picking out a pumpkin and taking pics of our little pumpkin.

We came home after pumpkin hunting and a nice lunch from the dollar menu at McDonalds only to find our house filled with smoke. We couldn't find what was burning, so we started searching the house. Then I turned to find a laundry basket on top of our in floor heating unit. It had melted the bottom off of the basket onto the unit itself. So our only source of heat was ruined. Thankfully, we called our insurance and they took care of us! We decided not to put another floor unit in, but to put in a whole new heating/ac system. The floor unit is obviously not safe, and isnt all that efficient, either. My wonderful, fully capable of fixing everything husband is doing all the work and is doing a great job. I have to admit though, I hope it gets done soon, its getting cold around here!

We were debating on whether we should replace this before we sell our house- I guess we know now! I was thankful that we didn't loose everything and didnt have to go through the stress of remembering everything in our house. But it did make me think about how aweful it would be if Mo had been trapped. I now want to take him with us every where we go. We love our puppy!

After that whole ordeal and my volleyball practice, we went trick or treating with our good friends the Dribbles and most of the Toliver fam. It was a nice way to forget about the fact that we may be very cold in a few short hours. Needless to say the gator and chicken duo were the talk of the neighborhood. See for yourself...

Yes, the day could have been better, but it definitely could have been much worse.

Oct 16, 2007

oh, the trauma

Some may think walking is a blessing, but for Cole Michael Coston, that was not the case last Thursday. Thats right folks. We have officially been christened into the reality of parenthood with our first trip to the ER for stitches. Yep- 5 to be exact right on Cole's bottom lip. He was reaching for something Caleb was giving him and managed to get it, but got off balance and- KABOOYA- lip to kitchen chair splitting it right open. I didn't see it happen, I just stood up and looked in time to see the blood start flowing from my 14 month old's face. So, I did what every good mom would do and I flipped out. Caleb, Mr. cool calm and collected, took action and got the bleeding stopped really quickly so we could assess the damage. It was obvious to both of us that it needed sowed up. It was about 3/8" long and 1/4" wide. Thankfully, we have a great kids hospital around here, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters- needless to say they were so awesome with Cole. They got us all registered and called back into the room. Now come the stitches.

Cole had been so great up to this point, he hadn't cried since the bleeding stopped, but that was about to change. They shot him with novicane, then proceeded to wrap him up in a sheet, put a washcloth under his neck and hold him still. Of course, he was crying, a lot. I on the other hand, was doing surprising well considering what was happening to my baby. Then it happened. He started crying "Mama, mama!" between sobbs. That was it. The tears just started streaming down my face. I got so he could see me and he looked up at me with his big, brown, tear-filled eyes and just kept saying "mama, mama!" I got myself under control right in time for it to be all over, unwraped my little man and gave him a big hug. He clung to me and kept saying "mama, mama!" and the tears came back, with a vengeance. I just held him and cried, not hearing a word the doctor was telling me. Cole calmed down and had a nice, refreshing glass of apple juice and I thanked the Lord that we were in the ER for only 5 little stitches. Some parents in that hospital were not so fortunate. So the first ER level injury (of many I'm sure) is under our belt. Both of the men in my life were very brave. Hopefully, I will be a little more brave next time.

Here are some pics a few days later. It is healing nicely, and Cole hasn't missed a beat, as you can tell by the blurry pictures.

Sep 16, 2007

i know, i know

Its been a while, I know. The summer was too short to waste on the computer! Today was the first day in a long time I have needed to wear jeans and I have to say I'm a little sad. We had such a great summer seeing both of our families, enjoying life at the beach, going camping in the outer banks, missions trip etc. that I don't want it to end. But today was a sad reminder that the winter is indeed coming.

Well... August for me means only one thing... volleyball. We hit the ground running August 1 and haven't looked back. Right now we are 5-2, I think. I have 2 experienced players with very young teammates. They are all athletic and all have good attitudes so they could accomplish more that people think...

Caleb is of course busy with work and school. He is only taking 6 credits this semester, but man are those credits time consuming! Then again, thats what they say about Greek and Hebrew!

Cole Michael is doing so great. He has been walking for a while now and loves chasing our dog Mo around, much to Mo's chagrin. He is learning so fast these days but my favorite trick by far is that he can tell you how old he is. He learned how to do it the day before he turned one and boy is he proud of himself still! :) He really works the room with that trick.

We recently had a visit from my parents that just happened to be the same weekend as the air show. We got the hook up from our friend Dean. My dad has loved the Blue Angels for as long as I can remember. Well, Dean got them tickets for the Blue Angels VIP seating for the air show- I mean right on the runway! And if that weren't enough, they got to get their picture taken with all the Blues! But of course, I had volleyball that day and couldn't be there. So we have a really nice picture of my mom and dad, and my son and husband with the blue angels. Its a little depressing.

Well, thats it for now. I will post a slide show of summer pics soon.

Jul 12, 2007


We recently got back from a missions trip to Lexington, KY. Paul Valentine and Chad Mondragon, and of course their famlies, planted a church there about a year ago. A group of teens from Colombus met us there as well as Trevor and Delsey Groetken who moved from our church last year. My main job was helping Melody get things ready at the house, but everyone elses main jobs were to canvas and getting ready for the Family Fun Nights carnivals we had Friday and Saturday nights. It was a great idea to have these and the Lord blessed our efforts. Paul and Chad were able to meet a lot of famlies from the community. Although there were no visitors from the carnivals at church on Sunday, we still had a great time of worship with their regular attenders. It was great to put faces with the people we have been praying for! We also went to a Lexington Legends game and had a lot of great meals. Here are some pics from the trip.

Cole still rooting for the Tigers

Cole and Dad

little man

paul, mike and stephen

Kevin, Beth and Silas

Chad, Mel (and baby) and Cole

Jun 3, 2007

i heart summer

ready, set, go. Summer is here and we have hit the ground running. First we went to Jon Hamilton's wedding in PA. It was very nice and we were glad to see our friend Jon marry such a nice girl. How can she not be great- she is a volleyball player?! Soon we will be off to Cleveland to see my parents, then to Michigan to see Caleb's family and then school will start all over again. Its a little depressing to think about how soon school will be here, but I try not to think about it for now.

lots has happened since my last post. We went to another tides game and actually won an iPod which was super funny, Cole started crawling and is now into EVERYTHING, we are working on our kitchen and it is almost done, Caleb's truck broke down so he got another one that is the color of a smurf, my brother Matthew is here to live with us for the summer and work for Caleb, I planted a garden and I am almost ready to pick my first fruits, volleyball open gym started and Danny and Becky Adams are going to have a future wife for Cole and are moving away from us in just a couple of weeks. That sounds like most of what is going on in our lives right now.

Pictures of the kitchen are coming soon! Until then here are some fun pictures of our trip to the zoo and fun in daddy's new truck

Apr 19, 2007

nothing says spring like easter & baseball

Easter is always great at our church. We had some great discussion of the importance of the resurrection in our small group and a great time of worship on Easter Sunday. It was a big day for Cole. Not only was it his first Easter, but he also decided he was going to start scooting around and that he wanted to start saying mama. So, needless to say he is well on his way to crawling around the house and getting into whatever he finds. The grossest part is that he likes Mo's toys the best. There is no way those taste good, but he just keeps going back to them.

Here are some Easter pics. Caleb let me get a new dress for easter. He didnt like it at first, but I think he liked it after a while. At least I hope he did. What do you think, Mom?

Last weekend we went to the Tides game with our small group plus a few people from another small group. The Tides are a minor league baseball team here in Norfolk. They are always fun games to go to even though the baseball is not the greatest, the baseball feel is still in the air. And in our case, it was very cold air as you can tell by the pictures. The babies had it best of all- the rest of us were freezing.

Now all we need for spring is some nice weather! I think it will be coming this weekend- hopefully!

Apr 2, 2007

hello again

Well, after a little while, and Erin letting me know it had been a while, we are back in the blogging world. To be completely honest, not too much has happened since we went to the keys. That is, until this week. Eric, Katy and Matt came over on Wednesday night just in time for small group. It was nice having them there, especially since they doubled our small group that night! A lot of people were out, but the visitors made up for it. Thursday we spent too much time in Dick's sporting goods and then went to the beach for lunch and a walk. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! It was a little cold that day, so our walk was short. We came home and watched a movie- I think that part is a tradition. Friday we hung around the house for most of the day. Caleb took them to get Tropical Smoothie- my favorite- while I stayed home while Cole got a little much needed shut-eye. Friday night our friends Michael and Nina won a fondue party at a local chocolate shop for 15 of their friends. So we all went and had a great time with everyone. Thanks for inviting us Michael and Nina! No pictures of it because guess what, I forgot my camera again. We left the fondue party just in time to pick up my parents from the airport. It was great to have the whole family together! Saturday the girls went to a tea room here in Norfolk called The Painted Lady. It is super girly, but the food and tea are really good. We were seated in the wine cellar. It was big enough for our table only! It was really great. We ordered everything we wanted- thanks mom- and were stuffed by the end of it. Here are the pics Katy sent.

This is the outside. It is basically 2 old victorian homes made into a tea room.

This is me pretending I know how to drink tea.

Me and my new sista

Mom and the girls.

The boys went to a little hot dog shop called Pops. They got some good pictures there.

Then we went to the Fort Story lighthouse. The ones in the outerbanks are much better looking, and better kept, but it was still cool. But personally I think I would rather have the people that are in charge of the base it is on to be busy taking care of protecting our country, not painting a lighthouse.

We went to Applebee's for dinner where Grandpa really enjoyed giving Cole lemons. Cole has had them before but seemed to have buds of steel. Not anymore apparently. The lemons were really getting to him but he would just go back for more.

We got home and watched a movie. Everyone was pretty tired, but we had a great time anyway. All in all it was a great weekend. We don't know when everyone will be together again so we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Monday Caleb's parents came over. We did not do to much with them except hang out, but we still had a great time with them. Grandpa tried and tried to get Cole to say grandpa, but he just wouldn't do it. He loved when grandma would rock him to sleep, and he loved all the toys she brought for him! Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa Coston!

Cole has been growing and growing since my last post. His tricks are giving high-fives, waving and he is pretty close to clapping. Even though he has a lot of tricks, he still can't crawl. He gets closer and closer everyday, but still no movement. He did find his shadow during our Saturday morning family time.

We are excited for another summer here at the beach! If anyone else wants to come visit feel free! We would love to have you!

Mar 8, 2007

first part of the keys

We left about 11pm and arrived at Danny's grandma and grandpa's house just in time for lunch. Becky had a nice time talking to Danny's grandma, while the rest of us fell asleep. We didnt really mean to- it just happened. Then we went to Orlando to visit Caleb's aunts Ardieth and Dolores. They are such sweet christian ladies- and the best hostesses anyone could ever ask for. They sure enjoyed seeing us again, but enjoyed meeting Cole even more.

Cole and Aunt Dolores

Cole and Aunt Ardieth

We loved being there so much we could have gone home happy after that visit but we still had more to go! We left early Monday morning to meet the Dillabaughs, Leanne, Ryan and Owen, Jimmy and Jhan in the keys. Monday we got there and set up our site. It was unseasonably cold for the keys- like 60- so we ate and hung out. Since each day was supposed to get hotter and hotter, we decided that Tuesday would be the best day for Key West. It was a little cold in the morning, but turned out to be so very nice.

We had lunch at a place that I never actually caught the name of.

Then we went shopping on Duval St. which is always fun. Duval dead ends into the Gulf- here's the view.

Then we went to an old fort that was used during the days when they used to use canons. It was pretty cool, but the best part was the view of course. We watched the sunset from a nearby beach on the fort. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, we let everyone else take the pictures of it. Sorry. But here are a few good shots of Cole and Owen we got at the fort, on the grass.

That was the beginning half of the trip. The rest is coming soon!