Jan 18, 2007

a month in review

Alot has happened this month! I will spare you the details and just sum up.

Christmas was great! Seeing all the family and friends that we have not seen in a long time was very exciting for us. More so this year because they got to meet Cole. It was fun to have a baby at my family gatherings in Indiana. He got passed around alot and seemed to enjoy everyone, but I don't think it was quite as much as everyone was enjoying him. He was definitely the entertainment. He got all kinds of great things from his aunts and uncles. I will post pictures as he plays with/wears them. Here's one to get you started. Thanks Micah and Katie!

From Indiana to Michigan we got to see some snow. Nothing stuck, but we did get to see it. We were welcomed at Caleb's in Hope, MI with many arms awaiting hugs! When it was all said and done there were 17 of us staying at the farm, 7 of them children. It was a great time- never a dull moment. We did just about everything there was to do- talk, laugh, bowl, and eat!

It snowed just a little bit while we were there. Caleb got one of the snow mobiles out but there wasn't really enough snow for it to be tons of fun. So we got out the 4wheeler which turned out to be a ton of fun. Cole got his second ATV ride out to the "big tree" in the woods. Cole fell asleep until we got there, we took some great pictures, and he got another little nap on the way back in. Guess he is not afraid of the 4wheeler.

We really enjoyed our time there are are looking forward to going back in July.

Then from Midland to Cleveland where my parents now live. They said the apartment they are living in temporarily was small and they werent kidding. It was fine with us there but could have been a nightmare if anyone else would have been staying there too. We had a good time seeing people we havent seen in a long time. With some people it feels like you have to start the relationship over, but with others, you just pick up where you left off. Everyone has changed since I have lived there, me probably most of all, but there are a few that have changed in exactally the same ways, which is why I think we can just go on like we have seen each other often in the last 8 years instead of barely at all.
One of the most fun things we did in Cleveland was we went to the West Side Market and got a gyro. It is a really cool open air/inside market that sells fresh meat and produce. It was built in 1912 so everything is really old, but kept up well. I can remember dreading going there as a child, but his time it was really fun.

Since we have been home we have started remodeling our living/dining room. It has been quite a process, one that is not quite finished yet and probably wont be for some time, but it is looking better and better every day. Here are some pictures of our progress so far.

First, Caleb had to tear down the hugest fireplace known to man.

Then we tore out the wall the fireplace was on and tore down the ceiling. Our friends Danny, Becky, Erin, and Wes came to help.

From where I am standing, before the demolition you never would have been able to see Erin or the bookcases. Two little rooms are now one big one!

Thanks for all your help guys! Couldn't have done it without you!

Right now Caleb is finishing the drywall on the ceiling. The next step is painting- the fun part! More pics to come.

All in all, a very exciting month here at the Costons. Hopefully, the next update wont be another month away!