Mar 8, 2007

first part of the keys

We left about 11pm and arrived at Danny's grandma and grandpa's house just in time for lunch. Becky had a nice time talking to Danny's grandma, while the rest of us fell asleep. We didnt really mean to- it just happened. Then we went to Orlando to visit Caleb's aunts Ardieth and Dolores. They are such sweet christian ladies- and the best hostesses anyone could ever ask for. They sure enjoyed seeing us again, but enjoyed meeting Cole even more.

Cole and Aunt Dolores

Cole and Aunt Ardieth

We loved being there so much we could have gone home happy after that visit but we still had more to go! We left early Monday morning to meet the Dillabaughs, Leanne, Ryan and Owen, Jimmy and Jhan in the keys. Monday we got there and set up our site. It was unseasonably cold for the keys- like 60- so we ate and hung out. Since each day was supposed to get hotter and hotter, we decided that Tuesday would be the best day for Key West. It was a little cold in the morning, but turned out to be so very nice.

We had lunch at a place that I never actually caught the name of.

Then we went shopping on Duval St. which is always fun. Duval dead ends into the Gulf- here's the view.

Then we went to an old fort that was used during the days when they used to use canons. It was pretty cool, but the best part was the view of course. We watched the sunset from a nearby beach on the fort. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, we let everyone else take the pictures of it. Sorry. But here are a few good shots of Cole and Owen we got at the fort, on the grass.

That was the beginning half of the trip. The rest is coming soon!