Apr 19, 2007

nothing says spring like easter & baseball

Easter is always great at our church. We had some great discussion of the importance of the resurrection in our small group and a great time of worship on Easter Sunday. It was a big day for Cole. Not only was it his first Easter, but he also decided he was going to start scooting around and that he wanted to start saying mama. So, needless to say he is well on his way to crawling around the house and getting into whatever he finds. The grossest part is that he likes Mo's toys the best. There is no way those taste good, but he just keeps going back to them.

Here are some Easter pics. Caleb let me get a new dress for easter. He didnt like it at first, but I think he liked it after a while. At least I hope he did. What do you think, Mom?

Last weekend we went to the Tides game with our small group plus a few people from another small group. The Tides are a minor league baseball team here in Norfolk. They are always fun games to go to even though the baseball is not the greatest, the baseball feel is still in the air. And in our case, it was very cold air as you can tell by the pictures. The babies had it best of all- the rest of us were freezing.

Now all we need for spring is some nice weather! I think it will be coming this weekend- hopefully!

Apr 2, 2007

hello again

Well, after a little while, and Erin letting me know it had been a while, we are back in the blogging world. To be completely honest, not too much has happened since we went to the keys. That is, until this week. Eric, Katy and Matt came over on Wednesday night just in time for small group. It was nice having them there, especially since they doubled our small group that night! A lot of people were out, but the visitors made up for it. Thursday we spent too much time in Dick's sporting goods and then went to the beach for lunch and a walk. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! It was a little cold that day, so our walk was short. We came home and watched a movie- I think that part is a tradition. Friday we hung around the house for most of the day. Caleb took them to get Tropical Smoothie- my favorite- while I stayed home while Cole got a little much needed shut-eye. Friday night our friends Michael and Nina won a fondue party at a local chocolate shop for 15 of their friends. So we all went and had a great time with everyone. Thanks for inviting us Michael and Nina! No pictures of it because guess what, I forgot my camera again. We left the fondue party just in time to pick up my parents from the airport. It was great to have the whole family together! Saturday the girls went to a tea room here in Norfolk called The Painted Lady. It is super girly, but the food and tea are really good. We were seated in the wine cellar. It was big enough for our table only! It was really great. We ordered everything we wanted- thanks mom- and were stuffed by the end of it. Here are the pics Katy sent.

This is the outside. It is basically 2 old victorian homes made into a tea room.

This is me pretending I know how to drink tea.

Me and my new sista

Mom and the girls.

The boys went to a little hot dog shop called Pops. They got some good pictures there.

Then we went to the Fort Story lighthouse. The ones in the outerbanks are much better looking, and better kept, but it was still cool. But personally I think I would rather have the people that are in charge of the base it is on to be busy taking care of protecting our country, not painting a lighthouse.

We went to Applebee's for dinner where Grandpa really enjoyed giving Cole lemons. Cole has had them before but seemed to have buds of steel. Not anymore apparently. The lemons were really getting to him but he would just go back for more.

We got home and watched a movie. Everyone was pretty tired, but we had a great time anyway. All in all it was a great weekend. We don't know when everyone will be together again so we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Monday Caleb's parents came over. We did not do to much with them except hang out, but we still had a great time with them. Grandpa tried and tried to get Cole to say grandpa, but he just wouldn't do it. He loved when grandma would rock him to sleep, and he loved all the toys she brought for him! Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa Coston!

Cole has been growing and growing since my last post. His tricks are giving high-fives, waving and he is pretty close to clapping. Even though he has a lot of tricks, he still can't crawl. He gets closer and closer everyday, but still no movement. He did find his shadow during our Saturday morning family time.

We are excited for another summer here at the beach! If anyone else wants to come visit feel free! We would love to have you!