Jul 12, 2007


We recently got back from a missions trip to Lexington, KY. Paul Valentine and Chad Mondragon, and of course their famlies, planted a church there about a year ago. A group of teens from Colombus met us there as well as Trevor and Delsey Groetken who moved from our church last year. My main job was helping Melody get things ready at the house, but everyone elses main jobs were to canvas and getting ready for the Family Fun Nights carnivals we had Friday and Saturday nights. It was a great idea to have these and the Lord blessed our efforts. Paul and Chad were able to meet a lot of famlies from the community. Although there were no visitors from the carnivals at church on Sunday, we still had a great time of worship with their regular attenders. It was great to put faces with the people we have been praying for! We also went to a Lexington Legends game and had a lot of great meals. Here are some pics from the trip.

Cole still rooting for the Tigers

Cole and Dad

little man

paul, mike and stephen

Kevin, Beth and Silas

Chad, Mel (and baby) and Cole