Sep 16, 2007

i know, i know

Its been a while, I know. The summer was too short to waste on the computer! Today was the first day in a long time I have needed to wear jeans and I have to say I'm a little sad. We had such a great summer seeing both of our families, enjoying life at the beach, going camping in the outer banks, missions trip etc. that I don't want it to end. But today was a sad reminder that the winter is indeed coming.

Well... August for me means only one thing... volleyball. We hit the ground running August 1 and haven't looked back. Right now we are 5-2, I think. I have 2 experienced players with very young teammates. They are all athletic and all have good attitudes so they could accomplish more that people think...

Caleb is of course busy with work and school. He is only taking 6 credits this semester, but man are those credits time consuming! Then again, thats what they say about Greek and Hebrew!

Cole Michael is doing so great. He has been walking for a while now and loves chasing our dog Mo around, much to Mo's chagrin. He is learning so fast these days but my favorite trick by far is that he can tell you how old he is. He learned how to do it the day before he turned one and boy is he proud of himself still! :) He really works the room with that trick.

We recently had a visit from my parents that just happened to be the same weekend as the air show. We got the hook up from our friend Dean. My dad has loved the Blue Angels for as long as I can remember. Well, Dean got them tickets for the Blue Angels VIP seating for the air show- I mean right on the runway! And if that weren't enough, they got to get their picture taken with all the Blues! But of course, I had volleyball that day and couldn't be there. So we have a really nice picture of my mom and dad, and my son and husband with the blue angels. Its a little depressing.

Well, thats it for now. I will post a slide show of summer pics soon.