Nov 5, 2007

no trick and no treat

I am always love when we get the opportunity to spend the day together as a family. It just so happened that day was Halloween! Caleb didn't have to work so we decided to take advantage of it. We slept in a little bit, had a lazy morning while Cole was playing, and decided to go get a pumpkin to carve before Cole's nap and my practice. We took Mo set out on our journey. We had a great time picking out a pumpkin and taking pics of our little pumpkin.

We came home after pumpkin hunting and a nice lunch from the dollar menu at McDonalds only to find our house filled with smoke. We couldn't find what was burning, so we started searching the house. Then I turned to find a laundry basket on top of our in floor heating unit. It had melted the bottom off of the basket onto the unit itself. So our only source of heat was ruined. Thankfully, we called our insurance and they took care of us! We decided not to put another floor unit in, but to put in a whole new heating/ac system. The floor unit is obviously not safe, and isnt all that efficient, either. My wonderful, fully capable of fixing everything husband is doing all the work and is doing a great job. I have to admit though, I hope it gets done soon, its getting cold around here!

We were debating on whether we should replace this before we sell our house- I guess we know now! I was thankful that we didn't loose everything and didnt have to go through the stress of remembering everything in our house. But it did make me think about how aweful it would be if Mo had been trapped. I now want to take him with us every where we go. We love our puppy!

After that whole ordeal and my volleyball practice, we went trick or treating with our good friends the Dribbles and most of the Toliver fam. It was a nice way to forget about the fact that we may be very cold in a few short hours. Needless to say the gator and chicken duo were the talk of the neighborhood. See for yourself...

Yes, the day could have been better, but it definitely could have been much worse.