Nov 13, 2008

for dad

here you go dad...

for everyone else, this is our little pumpkin singing God Bless America. Our little man loves to sing. His favorite songs to sing are of course not ones about Jesus, but ones he hears at the baseball games. He has been saying lately, "Hey mom, go to Tides game, see elmo (the mascot who is actually named RipTide and is blue not red) sing God Bless America and the Flag Song (the national anthem) and Take Me Out to the Ball Game... that be fun, mom? so exciting, mom?" Needless to say, he doesn't understand it is not baseball season anymore. Poor guy is going to be waiting for a long time to see America's pastime again.


We love our little Patriot Lately, though, he has been singing songs about Jesus, including "Jesus, Thank you", "Jesus loves me", and my personal favorite "Amazing Grace". This morning we heard Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace on the radio. Cole was so excited he couldn't even sing, just smile. When it was over he said "Mom, that's Amazing Grace! we show Dad, Mom?"

Our little bundle of Gioia is growing and growing. She is such a pretty baby. I think she is going to end up with Caleb's eyes, lucky girl. She is smiling and "talking" like crazy now. She is just over 10 lbs. and is in the 90th percentile for her height. OUR KID is in the 90th percentile for height! Who would have guessed that?! I told her to enjoy it while it lasts.

here are a few pics, they are about a month old, but still so cute.

Sep 24, 2008

I cant believe...

1. ...fall is here, I just can't believe it. I keep hearing everyone singing the praises of Autumn, but I have to admit, I am sad! I like the hot weather, and the beach, and the popsicles, and the shorts, and being warm all the time and the sun, and no seminary classes, I could go on and on. I have been cold non-stop since Friday. Hurry, May, hurry!

2. ... its been 5 weeks since our little bundle of Gioia was born. I am adjusting pretty well to having 2 kids. Not being a rookie parent, I find it a lot easier to take care of Gioia. I hated the first month when Cole was born, but with Gioia it has been mostly good! I am still getting to know her little personality, but I know enough to know she is going to be nothing like her brother. She is already pretty spunky. I knew it was going to be this way before she even came into the world! When Cole would climb on me and push on my stomach and in turn push on her, she would kick back. We knew we were in for it, and we were right! :)

3. ... we are starting our 4th year of seminary. It seems like we have been here forever, but also like we just got here. I laugh at the fact that this theoretically should be Caleb's last year. Uh, yeah right. He is over half way done, and is thankfully taking his last Greek class this semester, but I can't really even see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think 4 years might just be impossible for those with kids. Props to those who have done it, if you exist.

4. ... my son won't shut up! I love how much Cole is talking now. He can tell me exactly what he wants, exactly what hurts, exactly what he thinks, and I love it most of the time. The only time it really bugs me is in the car when he literally does not stop making noise. He also loves to sing. His favorites lately are God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ball Game (the seventh inning stretch songs for those who arent baseball fans). He can also kind of sing Jesus Loves Me (which comes out Jesus, thank you me), the alphabet, the wheels on the bus, and Elmo's World (which sometimes is Erin's world) We can tell what he is singing, but those who don't know him might not be able to name that tune.

5. ... I had to pay $10 for losing my parking ticket at the mall today. It is supposed to be $1 for 3 hours, but nooooooooooo... I had to go and lose my ticket. Ridiculous.

6. ... I don't have any pictures to post. There are a lot of pictures of my kids, but they are one everyone else's cameras. yeesh. Sorry. Hopefully I will be able to get my act together soon and take some of my own so next time we will have some to post.

Aug 18, 2008

is it wednesday yet?

Thats right folks, the day is set when I will deliver our little girl into the world! Wednesday, August 20th I will be on my way to the hospital to be induced. I am still praying that I will not have to actually have the pitocin, since my experience with it last time was not all that favorable. However, with the diabetes, its better for her to be out than in at this point in her little life.

This has not been the easiest pregnancy to say the least, but it definitely could have been a ton worse. Hats off to all of you moms who love being pregnant, but I am not a part of your clan. I like being skinny, I like eating and drinking whatever I want, I like not being able to feel every move my baby makes, especially when it is against my ribs! However, as all mommies would say, it is worth every pain, every discomfort, every inconvenience, every puke, every leg cramp, every annoying little finger prick to check sugar levels, every time you say no to dessert, etc., just to be a mom... totally worth it.

Though not being pregnant anymore will be quite a treat, what I am really looking forward to that first look. You know which one I mean. The look where your eyes finally meet and you and your little baby stare at each other for a while. Where she looks at you and you look at her and you are both thinking the same thing-- "so that's what you look like." Its those moments I remember forever. The moments where you realize you are the most blessed person in the world.

So, as Cole would say, "Come out soon, Gioia!"

Jul 24, 2008

almost there

Today is a big day for us! Cole is 2 years old today! He is such a big man. My last post was written June 6th and just not published until today... needless to say, Cole has changed so much even since then. He has started making "sentences" and is able to explain himself much better these days. If I cannot understand the word he is saying he will use other words to help me understand... its pretty cute. On Sunday he said his first unprompted sentence. We were passing the Oceana Navy Air Base and he said "Jesus, thank you for jets". Caleb and I laughed the rest of the way to church. Cole (and Caleb and I) is enjoying my brother Matthew being around for the summer. He loves to say "Uncle Maaaaaaaaaaat" and annoy his beloved uncle matt to no end. I never stop him, Matthew deserves it, its payback.
Today we went to Chuck E Cheese's for Cole's birthday. He loves it there. We went with his best buddy Shiloh and not to mention Izaak Anneke and Eli. I think everyone had a good time, I know I did. I'm addicted to skeeball.

Baby Gioia is getting ready to make her appearance! I am 36 wks. today, but out dr. said she didnt think I was going to make it to 40 wks. THANK YOU JESUS!!! I hope she is right!

Here are some pictures of our big man and his big day...

Jun 4, 2008


I just love summertime. I love everything about it, and I am so glad it is here. This spring we had visits from both sets of our parents and are looking forward to their visit at the end of August for Gioia's arrival.

Cole is changing so much everyday. You can tell he is almost 2 in all sorts of different ways. I feel like every time he says "MOMMY!" to get my attention something new is going to come out of his mouth. The most recent words are helicopter, microphone, and actually saying Kristen instead of Ti-Ti. He is putting lots of words together that make complete sentences, but usually aren't in the right order. He is getting very clever lately, but mostly in how to disobey better and sneaker than before. Needless to say, we are working through a lot of different things!

Caleb is working very hard for our family. Thankfully, business has picked up for our company but that means he is gone more. It really is bittersweet, but we are very thankful for the work. We know it is only from the Lord.

I am getting big with our little girl. Everything is right on track with her due dates, and she already weighs 2 lbs. I was hoping for another small baby, but maybe that is not what God has for this one! YIKES!!! There is a problem with her kidneys that may resolve itself before birth, but as of now we just know there is something that is not normal. The doctors are monitoring them and we will have a better understanding of what the problem might be the closer we get to delivery. God has given us much grace to not worry about it, but to pray for her. We know God is forming her and trust him for the outcome. Please pray for her if you think about it.

Well, I tried to post some pics but I cant figure out what my computer is doing, so maybe I will be able to post some later! Sorry, they really are cute!

Apr 10, 2008

our God is sovereign. peroid.

This is what I have had to tell myself the last few weeks. We had an ultrasound about a month ago and it was confirmed yesterday ("without a dobt" were the exact words from the tech) that we are having a little girl at the end of August. HOLY COW! I was convinced I was having a boy. First of all, because the Lord is infinitely wise and so I thought he wouldn't possibly give me a girl to raise, and secondly, because my pregnancy was just about the same as with our Cole-man. Well, God is still infinitely wise, of course, and has chosen this for our family, so I have had a lot of mindset "tweaking" to do.

We are excited about what God has for us with the new addition of a little girl to the family. Caleb is going to be such a great dad to a little girl. He will show her how a woman should be treated, and what a Man of God truly looks like. Even though Cole has no idea what is coming his way, he is going to be a great big brother. We found that out in the keys when he fell in love with Abby Adams! I told him yesterday on our way to the ultrasound that we were going to see the baby, and he looked at me with his huge brown eyes and said "ABBYYYYYYY!" Poor thing was pretty disappointed.

We are pretty sure we are going to name her Gioia which is pronounced "joy-ya". We are still undecided on a middle name, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know!!! Also if you have any good suggestions about how to have a newborn and a toddler in a 2 bedroom house, let me know that too. Our house is getting really small really fast!

We are eagerly anticipating summer. Time at the beach and the zoo thanks to Luma and Papa! We wont be going to many places so we hope you all can come see us!

For those of you who are not on facebook, here is a video of our little guitar hero. He is so fun.


Mar 13, 2008

the keys

Thanks again to the Dillabaughs, we were able to enjoy some time in the Florida Keys again this year. Although Caleb only got to stay for a few days because of his new found employment, we had a great time together and with our dear friends. The first day we arrived it was only about 65 degrees which is very cold for key west. However, I personally think it was the perfect temperature to walk around all the shops and sights on the key. But the next day perfect bathing suit/pool weather was there to stay for the rest of the trip. So we frequented Sunshine Key's pool and had the best time letting Cole play in the water. Just like his dad, he is a little fish. He would stand up on the side of the pool or on the stairs and say "two, two, two, two!" then jump in to one of us, not caring at all if he went under water completely. Actually by the end of the week, I think he preferred to go under!

It was great to be able to spend some time with our good friends Danny and Becky Adams. We miss them greatly since their move to Philly last summer, but are excited about what God is doing through them there in the city. We actually got to go on a date with them and no kids! It was quite a treat for us! Thanks Mama D! :)We went to a nice but not snooty restaurant in Marathon called The Key Colony Inn. It was in a very nice part of town, and they had great food, but the fellowship was really what we went for.

It is different going on vacation with a toddler. Only half of your body gets tan because all day is spend in the pool instead of on a lounge chair. More time is spent at the campsite instead of the pool during the hottest part of the day because you would rather have a happy child than a great tan. And I think half the time there is spent putting sun screen on every exposed area of skin on your child. Its different- but great at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am always overwhelmed at the generosity of the Dillabaughs. They are always so giving of all things- money, time, advice, ideas, fellowship, wisdom, love, food, sunscreen, blankets, tents, rides and gas back and forth to the airport, I could go on and on. It is always such a blessing to see the grace of God work through them and teach us how to be so very benevolent. It is true Christlikeness. Thank you so much Mama and Papa D. We had the best time.

Feb 5, 2008

where do i begin...

It seems like I start out each blog entry with the same thing... "I know it has been a month, but..." or something to the effect. In this case, however, I have neglected blogging for about 3 months. Oops... my bad.

The last few months have been full of all different kinds of life situations and one very faithful God who has lavished his grace on us. Though we have been put through fiery trials, our fire has not been that hot. We are thankful for the things God has taught us, but are also thankful that these kinds of things are our biggest "problems" in life.

Like any other seminary family we are financially poor. No big deal, we expected it when we came here. We are a not looking forward to ever being financially wealthy but are trusting in the promises of God to take care of His children. Those of us who went to Northland saw it happen all the time. Out of the blue, from the most unlikely source, God would provide. When I was there, I would feel bad that I never had to worry about where my next payment was coming from. Well, my time was coming.

Caleb's business is great in the summer. He loves it, he is good at it, and it brings in the money. The problem is the winter. We knew this year we could not make it through another winter like last winter. We were drowning. We decided that Caleb was going to try to get a job. In August he put in his application at a couple different places. One fell through immediately and the second didn't contact us despite calls and questioning from the people we know who work there. It was November and looking bleak. We were in the winter. We knew we couldn't make it. Up until this point, I tried and succeeded in trusting God was in control and would provide.

Caleb got an interview before Thanksgiving ending with the phrase "we will call you in 1-2 weeks" so we wait more. NOTHING. I was no longer succeeding in my trusting. I was questioning, BIG TIME. God knows we cant make it, when is He going to do something about it???!!!

December 17th- thats when. Caleb got the call one month after the interview- he got the job. Now I could say with all those who have seen it, Jehovah Jireh. We also found out that same day that we are going to have Coston #2. Then the next day, we woke up to a little Christmas tree on our front pourch with a lot of money in gift cards hanging off of it. In one day God had not only kept His promises to us, but also gave us the desires of our heart.

How could I be so foolish? How could I not trust the One who did not spare His own Son for me? I trust Him for my eternal home, but not for the things that pass away? How ridiculous, how hypocritical am I?

Even though we are not out of the water yet, I pray that I will not forget the works of the Lord in our family's life. I know that if the Lord had not given Caleb this job, and we lost our house or had to move, God would still be providing. He fulfilled us our deepest need at the Cross, what more could I possibly need?