Feb 5, 2008

where do i begin...

It seems like I start out each blog entry with the same thing... "I know it has been a month, but..." or something to the effect. In this case, however, I have neglected blogging for about 3 months. Oops... my bad.

The last few months have been full of all different kinds of life situations and one very faithful God who has lavished his grace on us. Though we have been put through fiery trials, our fire has not been that hot. We are thankful for the things God has taught us, but are also thankful that these kinds of things are our biggest "problems" in life.

Like any other seminary family we are financially poor. No big deal, we expected it when we came here. We are a not looking forward to ever being financially wealthy but are trusting in the promises of God to take care of His children. Those of us who went to Northland saw it happen all the time. Out of the blue, from the most unlikely source, God would provide. When I was there, I would feel bad that I never had to worry about where my next payment was coming from. Well, my time was coming.

Caleb's business is great in the summer. He loves it, he is good at it, and it brings in the money. The problem is the winter. We knew this year we could not make it through another winter like last winter. We were drowning. We decided that Caleb was going to try to get a job. In August he put in his application at a couple different places. One fell through immediately and the second didn't contact us despite calls and questioning from the people we know who work there. It was November and looking bleak. We were in the winter. We knew we couldn't make it. Up until this point, I tried and succeeded in trusting God was in control and would provide.

Caleb got an interview before Thanksgiving ending with the phrase "we will call you in 1-2 weeks" so we wait more. NOTHING. I was no longer succeeding in my trusting. I was questioning, BIG TIME. God knows we cant make it, when is He going to do something about it???!!!

December 17th- thats when. Caleb got the call one month after the interview- he got the job. Now I could say with all those who have seen it, Jehovah Jireh. We also found out that same day that we are going to have Coston #2. Then the next day, we woke up to a little Christmas tree on our front pourch with a lot of money in gift cards hanging off of it. In one day God had not only kept His promises to us, but also gave us the desires of our heart.

How could I be so foolish? How could I not trust the One who did not spare His own Son for me? I trust Him for my eternal home, but not for the things that pass away? How ridiculous, how hypocritical am I?

Even though we are not out of the water yet, I pray that I will not forget the works of the Lord in our family's life. I know that if the Lord had not given Caleb this job, and we lost our house or had to move, God would still be providing. He fulfilled us our deepest need at the Cross, what more could I possibly need?