Mar 13, 2008

the keys

Thanks again to the Dillabaughs, we were able to enjoy some time in the Florida Keys again this year. Although Caleb only got to stay for a few days because of his new found employment, we had a great time together and with our dear friends. The first day we arrived it was only about 65 degrees which is very cold for key west. However, I personally think it was the perfect temperature to walk around all the shops and sights on the key. But the next day perfect bathing suit/pool weather was there to stay for the rest of the trip. So we frequented Sunshine Key's pool and had the best time letting Cole play in the water. Just like his dad, he is a little fish. He would stand up on the side of the pool or on the stairs and say "two, two, two, two!" then jump in to one of us, not caring at all if he went under water completely. Actually by the end of the week, I think he preferred to go under!

It was great to be able to spend some time with our good friends Danny and Becky Adams. We miss them greatly since their move to Philly last summer, but are excited about what God is doing through them there in the city. We actually got to go on a date with them and no kids! It was quite a treat for us! Thanks Mama D! :)We went to a nice but not snooty restaurant in Marathon called The Key Colony Inn. It was in a very nice part of town, and they had great food, but the fellowship was really what we went for.

It is different going on vacation with a toddler. Only half of your body gets tan because all day is spend in the pool instead of on a lounge chair. More time is spent at the campsite instead of the pool during the hottest part of the day because you would rather have a happy child than a great tan. And I think half the time there is spent putting sun screen on every exposed area of skin on your child. Its different- but great at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am always overwhelmed at the generosity of the Dillabaughs. They are always so giving of all things- money, time, advice, ideas, fellowship, wisdom, love, food, sunscreen, blankets, tents, rides and gas back and forth to the airport, I could go on and on. It is always such a blessing to see the grace of God work through them and teach us how to be so very benevolent. It is true Christlikeness. Thank you so much Mama and Papa D. We had the best time.