Jul 24, 2008

almost there

Today is a big day for us! Cole is 2 years old today! He is such a big man. My last post was written June 6th and just not published until today... needless to say, Cole has changed so much even since then. He has started making "sentences" and is able to explain himself much better these days. If I cannot understand the word he is saying he will use other words to help me understand... its pretty cute. On Sunday he said his first unprompted sentence. We were passing the Oceana Navy Air Base and he said "Jesus, thank you for jets". Caleb and I laughed the rest of the way to church. Cole (and Caleb and I) is enjoying my brother Matthew being around for the summer. He loves to say "Uncle Maaaaaaaaaaat" and annoy his beloved uncle matt to no end. I never stop him, Matthew deserves it, its payback.
Today we went to Chuck E Cheese's for Cole's birthday. He loves it there. We went with his best buddy Shiloh and not to mention Izaak Anneke and Eli. I think everyone had a good time, I know I did. I'm addicted to skeeball.

Baby Gioia is getting ready to make her appearance! I am 36 wks. today, but out dr. said she didnt think I was going to make it to 40 wks. THANK YOU JESUS!!! I hope she is right!

Here are some pictures of our big man and his big day...