Aug 18, 2008

is it wednesday yet?

Thats right folks, the day is set when I will deliver our little girl into the world! Wednesday, August 20th I will be on my way to the hospital to be induced. I am still praying that I will not have to actually have the pitocin, since my experience with it last time was not all that favorable. However, with the diabetes, its better for her to be out than in at this point in her little life.

This has not been the easiest pregnancy to say the least, but it definitely could have been a ton worse. Hats off to all of you moms who love being pregnant, but I am not a part of your clan. I like being skinny, I like eating and drinking whatever I want, I like not being able to feel every move my baby makes, especially when it is against my ribs! However, as all mommies would say, it is worth every pain, every discomfort, every inconvenience, every puke, every leg cramp, every annoying little finger prick to check sugar levels, every time you say no to dessert, etc., just to be a mom... totally worth it.

Though not being pregnant anymore will be quite a treat, what I am really looking forward to that first look. You know which one I mean. The look where your eyes finally meet and you and your little baby stare at each other for a while. Where she looks at you and you look at her and you are both thinking the same thing-- "so that's what you look like." Its those moments I remember forever. The moments where you realize you are the most blessed person in the world.

So, as Cole would say, "Come out soon, Gioia!"