Sep 24, 2008

I cant believe...

1. ...fall is here, I just can't believe it. I keep hearing everyone singing the praises of Autumn, but I have to admit, I am sad! I like the hot weather, and the beach, and the popsicles, and the shorts, and being warm all the time and the sun, and no seminary classes, I could go on and on. I have been cold non-stop since Friday. Hurry, May, hurry!

2. ... its been 5 weeks since our little bundle of Gioia was born. I am adjusting pretty well to having 2 kids. Not being a rookie parent, I find it a lot easier to take care of Gioia. I hated the first month when Cole was born, but with Gioia it has been mostly good! I am still getting to know her little personality, but I know enough to know she is going to be nothing like her brother. She is already pretty spunky. I knew it was going to be this way before she even came into the world! When Cole would climb on me and push on my stomach and in turn push on her, she would kick back. We knew we were in for it, and we were right! :)

3. ... we are starting our 4th year of seminary. It seems like we have been here forever, but also like we just got here. I laugh at the fact that this theoretically should be Caleb's last year. Uh, yeah right. He is over half way done, and is thankfully taking his last Greek class this semester, but I can't really even see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think 4 years might just be impossible for those with kids. Props to those who have done it, if you exist.

4. ... my son won't shut up! I love how much Cole is talking now. He can tell me exactly what he wants, exactly what hurts, exactly what he thinks, and I love it most of the time. The only time it really bugs me is in the car when he literally does not stop making noise. He also loves to sing. His favorites lately are God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ball Game (the seventh inning stretch songs for those who arent baseball fans). He can also kind of sing Jesus Loves Me (which comes out Jesus, thank you me), the alphabet, the wheels on the bus, and Elmo's World (which sometimes is Erin's world) We can tell what he is singing, but those who don't know him might not be able to name that tune.

5. ... I had to pay $10 for losing my parking ticket at the mall today. It is supposed to be $1 for 3 hours, but nooooooooooo... I had to go and lose my ticket. Ridiculous.

6. ... I don't have any pictures to post. There are a lot of pictures of my kids, but they are one everyone else's cameras. yeesh. Sorry. Hopefully I will be able to get my act together soon and take some of my own so next time we will have some to post.