Apr 22, 2009

another weekend, another trip.

Since the beginning of the year we have driven to the Florida Keys and back, Hope, Michigan and back twice and our latest adventure, Greenville SC and back. This last weekend was Caleb's brother Micah's graduate recital at Bob Jones University. He earned his Performance Arts Masters (I dont know the offical name) by completing an hour long solo performance. Many people perform a compilation of poetry or something similar, but sometimes people write their own. Micah chose to write his own. Here is a symopsis of what we saw in Micah's words...

"During the week of May 19-24, 2008 I took a trip with no preconceived destination. Only the departure and return were premeditated. The decisions of destination were made by others. There is no plot, but this is what happened. This is a compilation of what and who I found along the way. I recreate the experience now, through a collage-compiled script. There is a unifying motif of “found” items textually, visually, and aurally. I designed the set with the rusted metals, the free piano, and the paper to echo the “found” materials concept. The text and music also dance a “borrowed” step. I composed the live music you will hear solely from numbers observed on the journey. All media is authentic including the photos, videos, and the audio cues. The train sound you hear is what I heard. The singing you hear is what I heard. The sights you see are what I saw. All people are authentic, and they speak their own words as they spoke them to me. Even my clothing is what I wore on the first day of my trip."

It was awesome.

The bonus to going was Caleb's mom, dad, sisters and one brother in law were there. We all stayed at Micah's house, which actually went better than I thought it would. We also got to spend some time with Caleb's cousins Cory and Sara and their kids Wil, John and 3 week old Emma. Also I got to see my college friend Bonnie Blakeney who I havent gotten to see in at least a year. It was a nice surprise to meet in Greenville since neither she nor I live there!

And to top it all off, I didnt take a single picture. Awesome.

We had a great time and thank everyone who sacrificed so much to make the weekend great. Especially you, Sara!

Apr 15, 2009

he is not old enough to know how to do that

Cole has loved the computer since before Gioia was born. Being 9 months pregnant, I was desperate for some quiet time so I showed him sesamestreet.com. (can i get an amen from all you pregnant ladies out there?) There are several games, videos, etc. for kids to do. While I dont agree with everything Sesame Street wants to teach my kid, I do have to hand it to them... they really know what kids like! For a long time, I have had to navigate around for him and it got pretty annoying having to change the game every 5 minutes. Well, recently Cole has discovered how to use the mouse on the laptop. Thats right... he moves the mouse wherever he wants and gives a little click to play any game he wants! It is so nice! It truly is quite time for everyone now! The downside is that he can find everything else too. Like photo booth. I found several pictures on my computer that I did not take. Little smarty pants.

We had a great Resurrection Sunday. I was in the nursery, but heard the service was great! All the children sang a song for the service and the ladies in the nursery were nice enough to go watch Cole's debut! It was AWESOME!!! Everything you would want to see while children are singing and more! Then we spent the rest of the day with some of our great church family. We love our church.

kids looked great thanks to Luma!

Apr 9, 2009

mid- year resolution

Since I am doing horribly at my New Years Resolutions, I thought I would throw one more on the pile of things I would like to fail at in 2009...BLOGGING! I would like to blog at least once a week, if for no one else, for myself. I mentioned at our final Financial Peace University class this last Sunday about not forgetting the works the Lord has done in our lives. Its easy to remember the big ones... a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful, healthy kids, a warm (or cool) home, a great church, and of course a home in Heaven. But when I really stopped to think about it, I could only remember a few things the Lord has done for us these last 5 years even though there have been soooo many provisions and answeres to prayer. So... blogging is my answer. I don't want to forget. So as long as blogger doesnt go belly up, I will write to remember and in turn write to praise my Redeemer.

Since November was the last time I actually sat down to blog I will give a quick update...

Cole is going to be 3 this summer, which is super hard to believe. He loves playing outside and told me the other day he cant wait to go to the beach. Mama cant either, cole-man. His newest discovery is the gas can in the garage. Caleb caught him trying to fill up his power wheels 4 wheeler yesterday. Not only did he fill up his 4 wheeler, but also his boots and jeans. Awesome.

He still loves to sing, watch movies, play baseball, and play with his cars, but his favorite thing to do is body slam, I mean love on, his sister. Thankfully, she is pretty tough.

Gioia is our little sweetheart. She is almost 8 months old and is still stationary but is up on all 4s. It wont be long before she is all over the place, giving Cole a run for his money! She is a very happy baby most of the time, full of smiles. She also says mama, and not dada much to Caleb's chagrin. She gets more and more fun with each new day! Did I mention she is the most beautiful baby in the world??!! Here are some pics from our trip to the Keys with the Dillabaughs to prove it! :)