May 29, 2009

off to Lyla-land!

We took our 5th big trip of the year to Woodlands Camp in Cleveland GA to meet our first Hornbeck niece, Lyla Patricia. What a fun place to visit! There was so much to do even though it rained most of the time we were there. Cole's favorite was the air hockey. My favorite was the ping pong and I did get to try my hand at the climbing wall but didnt do so hot. Cole loved his little cousin and was very sweet with her. I am thankful because he is not so sweet with his sister anymore. Something about Gioia being able to take his toys now doesn't sit well with him. I know this is going to be quite a shocker but we didn't get too many pictures, but we did get a few.

I wish we had more, but it gets tricky with 2 kids and only 2 hands! Doesn't leave a hand for the camera too often. Hopefully we will be able to visit again when the sun decides to shine so we can take advantage of all the fun outside things there is to do. We enjoyed meeting our little niece and seeing where Eric and Katy serve the Lord. Please pray with me that the Woodlands Camp Staff and campers will have a great summer and that the Lord would do many great and lasting things in their lives.

May 17, 2009

failure already...

So after my mid years resolution, I have already failed miserably! It has been since April 22 since I updated my blog. So much for blogging every week! It has been very hectic these last few weeks so I have lots to report! But of course, I have ZERO pictures to show for it! They are all on everyone else's cameras! I really need to get on the ball with the pics.
Anyway, for the update...

The weekend after we went to Micah's recital, my parents came for a visit. It is always great to see them, and let them love on the grandbabies for a while. The highlights (at least in Cole's mind) were the Tides game where he actually got to run the bases after the game, and the new tricycle Luma and Papa bought for him! He has gotten quite good at riding the trike, and thinks he is pretty cool when he goes cruising down the street. How can I not be getting pictures of this?!?!

The next weekend our sweet niece Lyla Patricia Hornbeck made a grand entrance into the world! We are so excited to go meet her and see Uncle Eric and Aunt Katy this coming weekend for Memorial Day. Sometimes I think we are absolutely crazy for taking another trip, but we just HAVE to, ya know??!! So Woodlands Camp, ready or not here we come!

The next week was Seminary Graduation. This is theoretically the year Caleb could have graduated. Needless to say, He did not graduate yet! We still have quite a while to go. Many of his friends did graduate though and it was great to see them accomplish their goals. A few of them are off to ministries God has called them too. Caleb has been friends with these people for almost 8 years! Even though we didn't see some of them all that much while they were here, its hard to believe they will be so far away now. But, it is such an exciting time to see how God is directing and providing for them.

Also that weekend was the Crisis Pregnancy Center's Walk for Life. It is always so great to be around many other believers coming together to stand up for those who have no voice. There was a record number of walkers this year. I pray the Lord will continue to use the CPC in Hampton Roads to help women choose life for their sweet unborn babies.

The next weekend Caleb and I had the privilege of being involved in our friends Greg and Michelle's wedding. It was beautiful time focused on the grace God has given to all of us and the special grace he has given to Greggers and Michelle for them to be united in marriage. It was a wonderful time of worship as well as a great celebration of love, both human and divine. I have to admit, I had a hard time holding back the tears because Caleb was in plain view while the ceremony was going on. I knew if I looked at him I would cry and I was right, but I just had to look! :) And a little bonus was I got to walk with him for the processional. That is the second time we got to be in a wedding together since we were married. I LOVE that.

This weekend was packed too! Yesterday we had 3, count them 3 parties to go to. Thankfully they were all out by the beach so we didnt have to run all over town. It was a great, but tiring day. We actually slept so long this afternoon we missed church tonight. oops! :) Good thing salvation is by grace alone! :)

AAAAAAAND, somewhere mingled in all of that Gioia learned to crawl! My life is officially over! She is everywhere, and it is adorable. Adorable though it may be, it has totally changed the way I do things- you cant take your eyes off that girl, she eats everything she sees!

Well, we are looking forward to another full week. Caleb has a lot of homework to do so the kids and I are going to be up in Philly for a few days and on Friday we go to Georgia. After this trip we are going to be HOME for a couple of weeks before heading to Indy for my cousin Kelly's wedding.

I PROMISE to have some pictures for my next post about our sweet Lyla.