Apr 22, 2010

April 23 2010, 11:59 pm

I am counting down the minutes... the minutes to the end of the seminary semester deadline. No matter how diligent Caleb is during the semester, it always comes down to a nightmare week or two before the semester is over. He even took 3 days of precious vacation time to try to get all of it finished, which I have to admit, I was NOT happy about! As many of you current and former seminary wives can attest to, this means your seminarian is literally gone all waking hours of the day and honestly some of the sleeping hours too! Consequently, things at home suffer and let me tell you, suffer this week they have!! I have been trying really hard to stay on top of the housework for the last few months (which is difficult when literally the minute you put something away it intrigues your child and they want to play with it again). My grade this week is a big fat F-! But in a mere 30 hours or so, we will have Caleb all to ourselves... for a few weeks until summer class starts. :) Since Im pretty sure the only thing Caleb is going to want to do for at least a little while on Saturday is sit on the couch and play with the kids, I am hoping to get LOTS done. After all, I only have about 6 weeks till this baby rocks our world!! Ive got a ton to do!

The big news of the week is that Uncle Matt's back at the Costons! He got a job at LifeNet Health, where Caleb works (and many of our friends too for that matter) here in Virginia Beach. So he is here indefinitely! The next few weeks before summer school will be filled with building him what we affectionately call "Matt-yard Hideaway". (its funny if you know that the name of our fence/deck business is called Backyard Hideaway) :) We live in a little 2 bedroom so there is literally no room for poor old Uncle Matt. So, we are building him a glorified shed in the back yard. :) Some people we tell feel bad for him, but not us. By the time they are done with that thing, he might have it better than we do! :) I might actually escape to Matt-yard Hideaway with a glass of lemonade myself. :) Goal for this weekend... take the contents of the shed to storage, tear it down and take it to the recycling place and if we get ambitious, clean up the garage. Lofty, but possible. Progress pics to follow...

Apr 16, 2010

for real this time...

Surprise, surprise... it's been forever since I blogged. Honestly I decided to not blog for a while to really decide why I was blogging and why I was saying what I was saying. Was I saying truthful things? Was I being completely real and transparent as not to give the impression that I am better at something than I really am? Where I found danger was this daily/weekly/monthly journal could easily be turned into a "brag" instead of a blog. I didn't want this or facebook statuses, or what takes up my conversations to be how my kids are the smartest, funniest, best behaved, worst behaved, or cutest... or how my life was the busiest, hardest or easiest... or to even give impressions that I have it all together spiritually, mentally, physically, parentally, motherly, wifely, homemakerly etc. Im super competitive and found myself trying to compete with others blogs or craftily word my facebook status to say that I was somehow "more ______" than the next person, and quite truthfully, pride myself in that fact. (Disclaimer: I don't have anyone in mind as I write this!)

However, there have been so many things that have happened in the last year that I wish I had recorded my thoughts on. Not to long ago, I read my facebook note about Cole's fall, and also read through some of these old blog posts. So many things I had forgotten about! I cringe when I think about my kids graduation and weddings when they will be looking through old pics for their slide shows and will find that I was just too LAZY to record their lives! Kids change so fast and I am constantly being reminded by others of things like Cole's first sentence "Jesus, thank you for jets." Thought I could remember all this stuff. Its just happening.

Also, as stated in a post about a year ago, I need to remember the works the Lord has done in our lives. Of course the big ones from the year stand out, such as the Lord allowing us to keep raising Cole, burdening a brother and sister in Christ to give us a car and allowing us to get pregnant again, but what about the day to day? For example today when allowed us to spot one of our neighbors who recycles trash and had a nice little bike on his trailer for our boy who is outgrowing his tricycle and been asking for a new bike? How many things like this have I forgotten about? tons, Im sure.

So, here's to staring anew. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "costons, unplugged" or "costons keepin it real". Thats the mission: to consistently record our lives in a Christ-exalting, truthful, unprideful way. Im steppin up to the plate, hoping I don't strike out. :)