May 14, 2010

mattyard hideaway: phase 2

Well, the boys have been working all non-Lifenet-working hours on Mattyard Hideaway. Here's the progress they have made this week.


 I know what you're thinking... and yes it is small. However the angle of the pictures make it look a lot smaller than it really is. I think he will have a nice little set up when its all done! Today they got 3 sides sided and some other little things done. This weekend and coming week are the push for the end. Tomorrow's plan is as Caleb says "to get stuff done". I think this means running electrical, finishing the outside completely and getting the insulation up. Then the rest of the week will be drywall, mudding, and flooring.

The only delay we have run into so far has been the windows. On one of Uncle Matt's many trips to Home Depot, he accidentally got side sliders which was realized after they were all put in and wouldn't stay open. This morning they took them out and took them back to Home Depot, discovering that the replacement windows were actually 50% off today! They only had to spend half as much as they took back! Then when they came home and told me about the deal going on, it occurred to us that maybe we should get all the replacement windows for our house today. So we ran back out and thank the Lord they had every size we needed. It seriously saved us probably $700-$1000! So glad Matt got the wrong windows the first time around!

I know they are going to get tons done this weekend. Can't wait to post the pics next week of the completed Mattyard Hideaway!

May 6, 2010

mattyard hideaway: phase 1 complete.

Last weekend and this week we have been working on round 1 of construction for Mattyard Hideaway. The goal was fence in, shed out before this weekend. So far, we are still on schedule.

Last Saturday the guys built this cedar fence in just one afternoon/evening! It helps they have built one or two before. :)

Through the week we were trying to get everything from this old shed to storage, tear it down and get it recycled. Success.

And this dirty faced little cutie was always right in the middle of things...with a popsicle in hand of course. :)

I kept out the baby necessities just in case I happen to have this baby earlier than expected. (one can dream, right?!) Now we just have to figure out what we are going to do with all the supplies and junk that the shed was hiding! :)

This weekend: Round 2: begin construction of shed. Caleb and Matt will be working from sunrise to sunset. I will be getting water, making lunch and then joining the ladies from our church for a Mothers Day tea at the Painted Lady during nap time. :)